What’s in Your Handbag?

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What’s in Your Handbag?

November 19, 2015 Uncategorized 1

Yeah, what’s in your handbag, like right now?


Recently, I’ve been evaluating my handbags, and the things I carry. There are some things I must have: phone, handkerchief (or tissues), lipbalm and money. I like to have a pen and paper too, but sometimes I’ll let that slide and use the phone’s notebook. But my lipbalm I must have, and if I forget it, I’ll have to buy some. I simply cannot survive without it! J

That’s part 1. Then there’s part 2: Make up (the whole works), hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissues, perfume (spray, something for dabbing – depending on the bag) and this time round a pen and paper, almost mandatory. And a near-full stationery set – different colors of pens, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, the works! Then an umbrella, a paperbag or 2, and ofcourse some “lady items”, you never know.


Part 3: It is important to have a physical book, even if it’s a small one, to read along the way, or when waiting on a queue. And the Bible – honestly, sometimes I leave this one because it’s on my phone. I do entertain e-books too, depending on what else I need to carry, though physical books feel safer. Then a shawl, and wallet/small purse. How did I forget that? What’s in your purse? Besides money and a few cards, like business cards, etc, I have a nail-file,  cuticle remover, safety pin, nailcutter I even used to carry needle, thread and scissors – I don’t any moreJ.


So, sometimes when I’m going out, my bag is so heavy, I wonder if I need everything in it. Then I try and check, and I can’t remove anything. So I go, and when I get back home, I discover I haven’t used a lot of what I’d carried, even though I felt safe having it. Are there things we hold on to emotionally that don’t really benefit us? Passing thought. Did I mention nail polish remover and nail polish? Yes, comes in handy sometimes….and believe it or not, I’ve actually helped a girl or two in a matatu, made their nails and they’ve gone away happy, with some boosted self-esteem and confidence; after a frazzled morning. So yes, I carry that too. And a comb when my hair’s out. And charger, earphones…


What do you carry in your handbag? Is it all necessary? Let’s keep talking….


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