120under40.org Nominee – Maricianah Onono

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120under40.org Nominee – Maricianah Onono

July 7, 2016 Uncategorized 0


120under40.org Nominee – Maricianah Onono

Dear Friend,


First, I’d like to thank you for reading the articles that I write, and for responding and offering encouragement in the low times.

I come to you with a request, please. In the past, we have given out sanitary towels and undergarments to girls, and you have supported this ventures. Now, one of our key supporters in this initiative needs our support.

Dr. Maricianah Onono has been nominated in the 120 under 40: The New Generation of Family Planning Leaders.

Maricianah loves women and babies! As a general practitioner, she has cried for every woman who has died in childbirth, every dead baby she has held in her arms.  Family Planning can prevent up to one-third of all maternal deaths by allowing women to delay motherhood, space births, avoid unintended pregnancies, and stop childbearing when they have reached their desired family size. Closely spaced births result in higher infant mortality. To her, FP is the magical silver bullet for saving women and babies.

If we vote for her once a day until 10th July, we will help her to get into the top 40 this year, and get to do so much more to help our girls and women. You can read more about this and vote for her using the following link.

We’d really appreciate.

Please vote for her. You can vote once a day till 10th July.


With much gratitude,


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