It’s okay to take a break :)

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It’s okay to take a break :)

March 24, 2017 Uncategorized 0
Take a break

Take a break


So, yesterday I was making chapatis with my daughter. She found me making them, and helped in the rolling and spreading as I fried them. At some point she sat down, saying how good it was to rest.

I told her to rest, that she needed a break. I knew she needed it.

And then it hit me. We are Christ’s workmanship, created to do good works (Eph.2:10). We work with Christ. The main job is His, and He’s allowed us the privilege of being a part of it. We can afford to take a break as He carries on with the work. Because yes, I was going to finish making all the chapatis, whether or not she helped the whole way.

After we do our part for so long, after our human resources are exhausted – we should take a break, 1. Because we can but more importantly, 2. Because He’s working non-stop till the work is done.

And He does delight in us taking a break. He knows it’s good for us, for we do get tired. And we also need the new perspective that comes from a calm, rested mind and spirit. And God also knows that the universe won’t stop, He’s holding it all together. And endless running and panting won’t necessarily get everything done anyway. Or, has it worked out that way for you? It hasn’t, for me. Sigh.

Examples? God rested after creation. Jesus took a break in the New Testament after ministry events (Mark 6:31). Who are we to think that we cannot take a break? Does our worth rely on how ‘busy’ we are, or how ‘busy’ we sound to others? God delights not just in our work, but also in our obedience to Him…to take a break and enjoy a relationship with Him, just being with Him. He won’t love us less if we take a break. On the contrary, we’ll enjoy a more refreshing relationship with Him when fully focused on Him.

Take a break! God knows you need it.

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