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Turn Off the Tap

May 22, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Turn Off the Tap

Have you been in the process of washing dishes, and you begin to rinse, so you turn the tap on, rinse a few dishes, turn it off, and then continue washing using soap before needing to rinse again? Somehow, that process gets a bit mixed up, and sometimes, even when washing, we leave the tap on. So, as we wash, we are able to rinse one dish at a time.

Have you noticed, like I have, that when the tap is running, there is a sense of urgency to wash faster and rinse? So that it is sometimes not possible to get that last piece of grease out, or that sticky spot. Somehow, the running water makes us want to wash faster and it feels a bit frantic.

I have learned to turn off the tap when I begin to feel that I’m working in a frenzy, so that I can really, thoroughly wash the dishes, then when I’m ready, in my own time, turn on the tap, to rinse the thoroughly washed dishes slowly.

I think that we need to turn off some taps in our lives. When we are in the process of doing something, say starting a business or handling a major project, we should turn off the tap that seeks to ‘rinse’ what we are doing. Yes, we need to turn of the public’s opinion. We need to turn of our social media sometimes.

And quit operating at the speed of the tap, trying to keep up with what everyone else is saying and doing, and even commenting about our progress. Sometimes it is important to just operate in silence, without the tap running, and be able to appreciate the progress – all the washed dishes, how much neater and cleaner the kitchen looks. We are also able to wash the dishes at hand more keenly and thoroughly, and when we finally turn the tap on, it is a refreshing experience.

We need to focus on the task at hand, without comparing ourselves with everyone and everything else that is going on around us, without seeking everyone’s opinion, without seeking approval for every single little thing that we do.

Let’s turn off that tap for a while, get a substantial amount of work done, then go to God for His refreshing approval, correction and guidance, once we’ve faithfully handled what is on our plate. After all, we are not alone. God is with us, and He sees, notices, appreciates and rewards our work better than the continual dripping of the proverbial tap in our lives.

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