Lessons Learned in My First 8 Weeks of Business

Empowering Through Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Lessons Learned in My First 8 Weeks of Business

May 26, 2017 Uncategorized 0

So, today the Amazing Girl Mentorship Services branded pens finally arrived, yay!! I was so excited, my very first branded pens for my brand:)!

One of the first duties they had was to attend to an interview, well, it ended up being like an interview, this conversation with the lovely Rachel. We were talking about work.

Rachel: Mind sharing what the work has been?

Anngladys: For Amazing Girl Mentorship Services, speaking, selling books, posting online – you know, in line with our goals – training, mentoring and coaching girls through events, publications and digital platforms.

For Cool Media Company: Design and printing of books, mugs, pens, business cards, posters, flyers, banner, advertising, website design and development

Spiritual work: Learning to be the following:-Humble, Patient, Resilient, Kind, Slow, Thorough in research and delivery, Faithful to clients. Most of all, I’m learning to pray and trust in God at a deeper level, because my life depends on it.

Rachel: Learning to be slow?  Or do you mean gentle?

Anngladys: Slow. As in es el ow dablew:)

It’s an odd lesson and it’s surprised me too. Slow.

Rachel: How? Please educate me

Anngladys: I’m a very fast person. If I want it, I go for it, I get it, mostly within a day:)

No kidding. Sometimes that happens, literally.

In many ways, I’ve gotten many things, which is great. But sometimes I ask myself, to what end?

Would that energy have rather been spent some other way? Some other times, I get what I wanted and discover that there’s a better way to have gotten it – e.g. quality, quantity, content, etc. Or I discover that I didn’t need it at all, after all.

So I’m learning to write my dreams, then wait a few days before starting to go for them.

I think I’ll get what I want, almost definitely. But now the question becomes, now that the world is up for grabs, which part of it do I want? Do I want it at all anyway? Is it of any benefit? What are the accompanying responsibilities once I get whatever I was going for? Would that time have been better used??

And perhaps more importantly, what is the effect of my acquisition on the source? Whether a donor or a seller? And on those around me? And on society at large? Is it better, perhaps, to cherish the relationship aside from the ‘benefits’? Is it better to give that 500 to FOCUS rather than to have pizza? Better to have a home cooked meal than eat out? What does ‘eating out’ (here used symbolically) really mean? What’s the true value being sought after here?

I can have it all. But do I really want it? What’s behind the desire? Sometimes it’s just some good rest/sleep/quiet time. I don’t have to spend thousands and hours to try and meet needs like that.

And sometimes, those things do not truly add value, and the value can come without them anyway. The true value is in the quality of relationships and work done, not in PR. PR is cheap. Relationships are priceless.

In a biiiiiig nutshell, that’s about it.

It’s about 1Tim 6:6 – Godliness with contentment is great gain. And also the other one: Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Some place in Romans.

Here’s an example, I wanted branded notebooks for Amazing Girl Mentorship Services.

I’d have gotten them in a day. I decided to wait. Then I got a brilliant idea. Have quotes on each of the 200 pages. Value add. So now I’m looking for 200 inspirational quotes for women. See? That way, the notebooks won’t be just ordinary notebooks with empty pages but Amazing Girl Mentorship Services branding, but value in every page. Some special encouragement for the reader and writer on every page.

Rachel: True, so true.

Anngladys: I’m trying really hard to not ask for anything for anyone, even if I can pay for it.

And especially of I can pay for it. I want the person to feel that I value him/her and not that what he/she has is equal to any amount of money

I attended an interview, and the CEO told me, ‘I can buy anyone I want for any amount of money’…

Then he went on ‘but do I have your heart?’

And it got me thinking. Do I want his money anyway, or have I bought into his vision, too?

Yes, this guy had hired someone to do stuff like  what I was doing, for amounts 6 figure amounts.

Oh, and sometimes, the joy is in the waiting game/period. The thrill, the warm fuzzy feelings… The journey. It’s more about the journey than the destination. That’s why we choose different suppliers for the same stuff. The experience. Not just the goal. Because after you get the prize, the game is over. Then what?

Rachel: What’s the goal, then?

Anngladys: To show and share the love of Jesus along the way. If we’re too busy/occupied to do that, we’re too busy. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. It’s a complete, manageable package, not a frenzied race. God’s not a bully. He’s a loving Father who wants to walk with us in the garden of life so that we can both enjoy it together. Too fast and we lose the meaning of it all.

And so we both agreed at the end of the conversation that contentment was the key. Godliness with contentment. There is need for great reflection and consideration before making any move, whether in business or in the rest of life. So help me God, so help us all, God!

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