I didn’t make the bed this morning

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I didn’t make the bed this morning

June 16, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I didn’t make the bed this morning.

I’ve been doing some spring-cleaning this morning. While folding clothes in the bedroom, I got really tired. I was tempted to make the bed and lie in it, a little, perhaps, just to catch my breath and then continue.

But I didn’t want to, because I know myself. I would probably have made it then set myself on it. I would probably have closed my eyes for the perfect rest, and well, truth be told, dozed off. I would have woken up to the next urgent thing, and cleaning under the bed would have been put off for another time.

So I didn’t make the bed. I continued cleaning, arranging, organizing and when I was finally done; I made the bed and rested briefly.

And it occurred to me that maybe, that’s how God works in our lives. He’s in the process of cleaning out our lives, and He wants to deal with what’s under the bed, in the drawers, on top of the curtain box…name it. Then when He’s done, then the bed can be made, and we can take a break.

Before He brings the comfortable, external blessings; the outward ‘sign’ of ‘success’ and ‘blessing’, He wants to make sure that the insides are okay. That when we finally own the posh house, we can be warm and hospitable towards others. That when we get that fancy car, we can humbly carry others without wondering why they didn’t work hard for theirs.

Otherwise, when we get the bed made too early, we may not deal with the character flaws in us or develop the necessary attributes that are needed for the next ‘level’ or ‘blessing’. We might rush off to the next urgent thing, and not deal with those dusty, little sins that so easily beset us. Or those things that lure us away from His call, His purpose for us; even though our external parade (read charade) seems okay. So maybe that’s why we shouldn’t make the bed too early.

So that when we finally have the bed made, we will have the right attitude and character in place – the insides of our hearts are going to be clean, pure, dust and lint free.

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