What’s your morning routine?

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What’s your morning routine?

July 12, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Just the other day, a friend and I were talking about my morning schedule, now that I work from home. I told her how I do it. I wake up, prepare the family, have my devotion, handle the housework and then sit at my desk to begin the other work – Amazing Girl Mentorship Services and Cool Media, not to mention my studies – I’m pursuing my Masters in Library and Information Science at Kenyatta University.
I told her that I type out my email responses in Word, as well as my Facebook posts or anything else that I need to send. Then when I log in, I first post what I had prepared – usually inspired by my preparation for that day the previous night. I send out the emails etc and then I read any new emails and posts on social media platforms. That includes Whatsapp.
Yes, I put that on after my morning activities, devotion and having sent out whatever needed to go out. I say that if something was truly urgent, someone would send a regular sms or make a phone-call, not use an online platform. This way, I get to do what I ought to do, I take on the day guided by my devotion for that day. Therefore, I avoid knee-jerk reactions such as being led/controlled by the emails, messages, posts that would ‘threaten’ to take my day in another direction. I am somehow in good control of my day and I am more productive that way. It’ also more fulfilling to achieve goals that are in line with the big picture rather than being driven by adrenalin to ‘fire-fight’. It’s also calmer. Exhale 🙂
This is especially important for me, because I have the day to myself, and if I do not structure it properly, it is easy to get lost in the tyranny of the urgent or even the comfort of the easy and relaxing. I need to be a tough boss to myself, and that’s how I do it. I have found this to be a better way, and I want to keep the discipline for life.
My friend thought it would be good to share this online, so here goes! And yes, I can take more questions this month and answer them here. Have a lovely day. Cheers!

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