What’s So Golden About Silence? Everything.

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What’s So Golden About Silence? Everything.

September 29, 2017 Uncategorized 2
What's So Golden About Silence? Everything.

What’s So Golden About Silence? Everything.

You can’t fault silence, and neither can you regret it. You experience no guilt about something that you did not say. You do not mess up your character or reputation and you do not assume responsibilities for promises you made. You do not have to sooth or undo any pains that may have otherwise been caused. There are no words to take back, no regrets, and no-one is disrespected.

You gain a lot too. You have time to ponder, think, meditate and choose your words and cause of action wisely. You have time to consult before deciding, and you do not get to air the dirty laundry of your every thought and emotion. You can cover your private stuff – good and bad, and also not end up revealing certain things prematurely.

The bible says that the person who keeps his mouth shut is deemed intelligent. Silence makes you appear mature, contained, sober, pulled together, cool, calm, collected and corrected. Silence can help you avoid future debts by not making hasty promises.

Lack of silence in some situations can be very costly. In friendships, it can lead to loss of value, trust, and other benefits when unfitting words are spoken. In marriage, wrong speech can lead to disrespect, pain, and many wounds and regrets. In cross-gender relationships, silence at the right time can prevent the beginning of inappropriate innuendos that lead to illicit relationships. At the workplace, careless talk can lead to the loss of one’s job after perpetually destroying one’s character. In parenting, wrong hurtful words can lead to great hurt, pain and lasting scars. In business, silence can help in the acquisition of better deals whereas hasty, desperate talk can lead to loss of opportunities or lead to minimal profit where there could have been so much more.

When interacting with people, it is good to first hear out the other person, learn and gain wisdom. Talking too much tires the other person. Exercising silence at the right places makes you a refreshment and not a bore or a heavy weight to bear. It also helps you to not sell yourself wrong, by responding to the right questions and invitations in the appropriate way rather than just going on and on and on about yourself. It is good to learn to be a good conversationalist and have a healthy amount of giving and taking in conversations. It is quite tiring to have to pacify or assure someone for the bigger part of the conversation. Be confident about what you are saying and generally about yourself, and do not seek too much affirmation from others. It is exhausting. Keep calm, don’t be hysterical or too excited. Control yourself. Be patient. Said another way, do not be impatient. Good things come to those who wait.

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