Christmas for the Homeless

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Christmas for the Homeless

December 19, 2017 Uncategorized 0


Do you have some clothes that you haven’t worn for 6 months, or even 1 year? Are you going to wear them again, really? They may not be bad, you just haven’t worn them for one reason or another. Not your style, you forgot about them, you don’t ‘feel’ them… The list is endless.

But please think of that person who hasn’t had a new piece of clothing for those 6 months. Or simply doesn’t have enough to wear. And is cold, tattered…

The homeless person. The street families. Do you worry that you don’t have something to give them this Christmas? Yes you do. Please share your clothes… those in good condition but you aren’t using.

Who are we doing this for? On Sunday, at 1.30pm at the Mama Ngina Gardens in Thika, we reach out to 100 homeless people, 80% of whom are men. Boys and men, aged 6-35. So yes, the boy child has not been forgotten. Let’s take care of him, he’s our child too. Can we have 100 people reaching out to 100 people?

And for the ladies, we’d like to give them sanitary towels. Just imagine how much a packet would mean to a homeless lady. Imagine what value just Ksh. 100 would add to her life. For how many months would you like to support her? How many ladies would you like to support?

This is what we’d like to give to the homeless in Thika this Sunday.

  1. Clothes – for boys, girls, men and women
  2. Bar-soap – we’ll cut it up into small pieces and share with them
  3. Sanitary towels – for the ladies
  4. Tissue
  5. Juice and/or Milk
  6. Food – we’ll cook and eat with them.

Please contribute to this worthy cause, let’s help them celebrate Christmas too, and show the love of Christ to them in this way. Let’s not just say ‘be warm, be full’ let’s actually give food and clothes.

The Amazing Girl Mentorship Services Till Number is 698711 (Buy Goods). Let’s do this together! God bless you as you spread His love. You can give in cash or in kind. In Thika, the clothes food can be dropped at the Life Church, Boni Kiumu Building, 3rd floor past Tuskys Chania opposite Shell Petrol Station.

For more information, and for directions for where to drop the clothes and goods, contact Anngladys 0723285236 or Rev. Simon Kabocho 0723725850

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Here’s a link to more information about the ministry to Street Families.

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