The Refreshing Sink – Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018

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The Refreshing Sink – Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018

December 31, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I post a lot of the meditations that come to me as I wash dishes. Some time back, a friend seemed to see that as a struggle. Well, it’s not. Washing dishes is my favorite household chore, and so as I do it, the whole of me is fully engaged, almost consumed by that wonderful experience :).

It’s also a time to be alone, to sing, to pray, to mull over my thoughts, concerns, plans, goals, ambitions, dreams…largely uninterrupted. Oh, try to have some quiet time as a mother, and you’ll know that’s when the family will keep wanting your attention! I digress.

Today’s thoughts came as I was rinsing some dishes. The sink was clean, and I could see reflections of light on its silver surface. I took a glass, filled it with water, took a sip, and simply enjoyed it. Then I looked down at the sink, where the little holes are, where all the water goes through.

Well, water, seeds, soap, pieces of food…you name it. And I wondered how I could enjoy a drink of water standing right there. Then it hit me. It’s because that sink-hole doesn’t bring back all those things when I’m trying to have a refreshing drink of water. It simply provides a cool, calm, clean area for me to take my glass of water.

And I wondered about myself, how many times I may have seen someone enjoying something and decided to bring back a memory from the past that was rather unpleasant. The glass of water was going to be refreshing to me, energizing and preparing me for my next task. But sometimes, as people around us are trying to recoup after a bad day/time/event, we bring back things from the past and spoil their mood, demeanor, hope…any chance of a better future.

As wives we can nag, as mothers, we can bring back our children’s mistakes over and over again. As friends, we can keep recounting the bad things that were done to us. These things hurt our loved ones, they do.

To ourselves, we can keep bringing up failures we’ve had in the past – businesses that failed, clients that conned us, jobs we were fired from, friends who dumped us…and this lowers our self-esteem and makes us doubt our identity, our worth and our purpose.

Now, it is God’s pleasure to give us good things. And when He forgives us, He doesn’t keep bringing those things back up. We should do the same for ourselves and our loved ones, beginning with our very immediate families. May God help us to find and give true forgiveness, and just like the sink, make us truly refreshing.

May we leave what went down the drain in 2017 and years before right there, and be a true refreshment to ourselves and those around us in 2018 and beyond.


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