What’s your pulpit? What’s your stage?

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What’s your pulpit? What’s your stage?

April 21, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Many times we feel called to do something, and we have grandiose ideas about it. We imagine what impact we’d make on an internationally broadcast program singing, preaching, teaching, acting, etc.

We imagine how many lives we’d touch, and how awesome that would be.

But I want you to think that about yourself, as an individual. When you are at a low point and need encouragement and uplifting, where are you? Sometimes you’re at home, crying. Sometimes you’re at work, in the restroom, frustrated, controlling your emotions. Sometimes, some people are at some place where they are toying with the idea of ‘rest’.

At that very point in time, what you need is a hug, someone to hold your hand, pray for you, encourage you. And many life transforming moments happen that way.

And that, my friend, right there, is the pulpit. Because that is the point of ministry. The dump that hosts those lovely, poor children. That phone with so many contacts represents people who may need encouragement, regardless of their wonderful status updates. The sitting room that hosts your family, unruly as the kids may be, as distant as the spouses may be. Your love, your ministry, WILL make a difference. Because it’s God’s power flowing through you, it’s not your own doing.

That, right there, is your pulpit, your stage, to show the love of Jesus, to be salt and light. If you can’t shine right there, you can’t shine much farther. The light that shines farthest shines brightest at home.

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