Flush it away! Drops won’t work.

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Flush it away! Drops won’t work.

April 25, 2018 Uncategorized 0

When we go to the bathroom, we flush the water closet after we’re done. That works. But suppose the same amount of water was added into the bowl one drop at a time. How well would that work? Would it work at all? Even if done over a long period of time? I doubt.

How about when a relationship with a friend has gone wrong? Will one word a day repair things? Isn’t a long, thorough conversation needed to break down the wall, clear the forest in between, see eye to eye and then start rebuilding?

In the same way, we need major flushes for some of the ‘struggles’ in our lives, some of the habits, behaviors, patters. Just like that stuff won’t be flushed one drop at a time and needs the whole amount in one big whoop of pressure, so do porn, flirting, affairs, drugs, bad company… You can’t quit porn one page at a time, you can’t stop flirting by texting one message less per day, or by meeting less often if in an affair, or taking fewer puffs a day, or spending less time with bad company…

Some things you’ve gotta overhaul, you’ve gotta flush away, with lots of pressure, one significant time. Then work on keeping a clean lifestyle with healthy disciplines…but that will only happen with the power of the Holy Spirit! Flush it away! Drops won’t work.

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