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May 3, 2018 Uncategorized 0

I enjoy talking with young people, especially those younger than me. When I look at them, I think about what great potential and possibilities they have.

I think about what I would do differently if I was their age. And I want to share this with them. What I would do differently, what I wish I knew, what I wouldn’t do, what I would pursue or avoid, what character traits I would build and so on. Sometimes this is industry specific, but sometimes it’s about life in general.

This, however, requires both parties to be interested in that conversation. The teacher in me is willing to teach, but is there a ready student?

I think it’s the same thing with those older than me. They do want to share their wealth of wisdom and knowledge and help those who are coming after them. I have experienced this, they are almost always ready to answer my questions and give me direction, guidance and tips from their experiences. But I have to ask.

I think that a ready student will always find a willing teacher. The trick is to be passionate about something, desire it, seek to know as much as possible about it, and therefore, always have ready questions.

For it is questions that propel us to the next level. Curiosity. Be curious. And you will find a mentor.


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