Lessons From Esther 4

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Lessons From Esther 4

October 22, 2019 Uncategorized 0

This is what I got….

Mordecai wore sackcloth as he mourned and asked Esther for help. Esther gave him good clothes but he refused. Instead, he continued asking for her help and told her that it might be that she went there for such a time as that, and that if she didn’t help, she would also suffer.

When people are in need of our help, they don’t come all prettied up. And they may not be able to pretty up infill they are out of that worrisome place. We should receive them as they are and be kind to them.

Later on, they can get into a more presentable state, and we can have enjoyable relationships and time with them, but only after we make it through the murky period. Let’s not despise anyone who comes to us in need.

We should use our placements to help others. That could be the reason that God put us there.

If we don’t do that, help could come from elsewhere (ie our purpose being taken away from us) and we could end up suffering too.

We should remember that others helped us get us to where we are, and so we should also be helpful towards others.

Also, we should seek God’s help even as we pursue what we perceive to be our purpose, because we need His favor and protection against possible risk as well.

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