Let’s Talk About Depression

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Let’s Talk About Depression

December 23, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Hi. So far, I have written 21 things about depression and my goal is to get to a hundred and my dream is especially to get to a hundred during this holiday because I know that during the holiday time is when we really have issues with depression and we can’t talk about them because we’re supposed to be a certain happy way.

We supposed to be happy, we expected to be happy and excited and all those things but I still want to write about depression because it is during times like this when depression really really hits the most. Secondly, depression is most outstanding in the life of the depressed person when everyone and everything else seems so bright and cheery.

The pain can go by unnoticed because everyone else seems to be happy and excited and doing their thing and having a really good time. It takes a special person to notice you when you’re not feeling excited or not feeling okay in the midst of all that hype and activity and hullabaloo that goes on.
I remember at one point in time being very depressed during a holiday. We had gone somewhere and I actually remember putting on my dress inside out and I did not even notice. It took one person to actually notice that I was not okay and come to me and tell me, “AG your dress is inside out, so you can go change and then we can talk about it and find out what’s up, and what can we do about it.” And that for me was really really profound that person holds a very, very special part in my heart and in my life up to this day and I hope in every possible way, that God can help me to be there for other people to see them, to really see them.

I pray that God will help me to see them and to notice them and to pay attention to them, so that no one who’s depressed around me will go around feeling unseen, unnoticed, unheard or unimportant.
So as I write this post for today, I’d like to encourage whoever is reading these posts that you’re not alone and that depression is real and you’re not a maniac. You’re not a mad person. You’re not crazy, what you’re going through is actually real so you’re not living in a world of your own and you’re not… How do I put this? You’re not weird? You’re not bizarre. You’re not mad. All right. So that’s number one.

Now. The other thing I wanted to share is to continue with my list and talk about the people to whom depression happens; and depression can happen to anyone. It can happen two husbands, wives, children, teenagers, to the youth,to people in special places or high places such leaders of all kinds. It can happen to pastors, and it can happen to pastors wives. It can happen to teachers it can happen to business people. That lets you know that it’s actually common. It happens to many people and you shouldn’t think that you are alone or be worried. Depression is real and it happens to many people.
So I’d like you to know that and then just please find someone to talk to. Find someone who you can talk to and tell what you’re feeling. If you need someone to talk to someone to just listen, I can be there for you inbox me, writ me an email. Let’s talk about it. Let me just hear you out so that you just feel heard.

I’m going to listen, and if all you get to do is just get it out of your chest, it is going to be a little bit easier. Sometimes we can’t afford a counselor or a psychiatrist or whichever therapist is appropriate at that point in time, but it helps to just have someone who can listen to you so that you feel heard and if in any way God chooses to use me to listen to you I will be there and I will at least listen.

I can offer a suggestion or two and maybe refer you to some of the people who’ve walked with me or some professionals who I think are great in this area. Somehow somehow, please do not die alone with your issues.
Don’t be alone. Don’t be afraid, don’t think that no one can ever understand you or get you. I have been there and I’m willing and passionate about helping people who’ve also been there to come out of that place. So even as you go through that darkness, I’d like you to know to know that you are not alone. So reach out, let’s talk, depression is real. Yeah, just reach out to reach out and talk, find someone that you can talk to if you have talked to people who’ve not been trustworthy, sorry.

I just pray and hope that you will find someone that you can talk to and have your heart lighten a little in one way or another so that you can make better decisions and that you will not give up on yourself. So let’s keep talking about depression even during this holiday season because this is a time when all the everything else is very, very bright. That cheer and brightness just makes the darkness seem so much darker, so much blacker.

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