Holidays & Depression

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Holidays & Depression

December 29, 2019 Uncategorized 0

This is just about the time many of us go over the year, reviewing the ups, downs and lessons, and making plans for the next year. And it’s all good – if we’re growing from it.

If it’s just a ritual, then it may not be of much help. Like reading. Yes, reading can be another busybody activity that may not work for our good, if all we do is read. It has to be coupled with action.

Someone said that it’s not about how many books you go through, it’s about how many books go through you. And I agree. As a prolific reader myself (the Thika Nairobi travel time can let me read a book a day, depending on the size and nature of the book), and a lot of that info, though helpful, can go unused.

It may not make much difference in my life of have much impact unless I actually put it into action. Whether or not the books work is not to be blamed on the authors, by on the actions I take.

So I propose: don’t just know, DO. Knowing isn’t enough, practise is. Doing is what gives you power. It’s what makes the difference.

Nevertheless, don’t say you won’t read another book untill you’ve practised everything from the other one. Sometimes that’s not possible. Keep reading, because it feeds your subconscious mind, and continues to enlighten, empower, affirm and assure you that you’re on the right track. My mum told me to always have a book open in front of me, because my eyes might land on it and I’ll pick something useful up. So, read! But don’t just stop there, do!

After you read, ask yourself, what will I STOP doing, what will I START doing, and what will I CONTINUE doing? That way, you’ll have some pretty practical applications of the information you get from reading.

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