Work Hard!

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Work Hard!

January 14, 2020 Uncategorized 0

I had an early morning meeting today. When I got to the city, I saw all sorts of businesses going on. One particular lady caught my eye. She was differently abled, but by that time she had already set up her business on one of the street floors and was making sales. She’d have food for the evening and money for salon, etc.

I thought about how impressive that was, and still is. She’s out there, running her business. She’s not giving excuses about not having a stall, for example. Or not having capital to run a huge business. No. She’s simply doing what she can with what she has, and making an income before the day goes very far.

Then I thought about what I do. And what I experience. I help people yes I do. But I help the needy, like in legitimate children’s homes, or street families. For that, my heart is very big. But I have little if any empathy for people who sit on their laurels and demand for help. Or things. And want to live a high class lifestyle on others’ resources. No way. I don’t even take the time to understand that.

If such a lady can be up and set up early in the morning, on the cold, wet streets of Nairobi, making money well be for some people wake up, then no one should have any excuse for not trying to make something of themselves, and trying to be self-reliant.

Do hard times come? Yes, of course! But that should be part of the journey of trying and failing and succeeding, NOT a chosen state of laziness and demanding for help.

My high school principal taught us that in life, there’s no platform for excuses. Yes, there isn’t. So make do with what you have and don’t bother people demanding for what they’ve worked for, or go out and work for something.

That’s how I mentor. Tell the tough truth that no one else will tell you, maybe because they’re afraid or they don’t care enough.

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