My Short Dress

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My Short Dress

February 4, 2020 Uncategorized 0

The other day I was babysitting my son at home and I was having a really good time with him. I had chosen to wear a short dress, and you know, you hang out and relax at home.

And then when I sat down, my dress was about an inch above my knee. Yeah, it wasn’t that short anyways, just about an inch above my knee. Now, when I sat down, my son, who is barely two years old came and pulled the dress down to my knees, and I wondered, “What’s he doing?” So I decided to, you know, try it again. So I got up ,moved around, and sat down again and made sure it was a little bit above my knees again. Then he came and pulled it down a second time. I thought that was strange. A couple of days later. I did the same thing. I put on the same dress, sat down, and again, it was about an inch above my knee. He came and pulled it down.

Then it occurred to me that there is actually a Bible verse that says that the law of God is written in our hearts. Deep down inside each of us, we know the difference between right and wrong. So even as we choose to do the wrong thing, we’re not really going against the world and making a statement out there to everyone else in the world. We’re really fighting a battle against our own consciences, because deep down something is telling us, “This is the way walk ye in it,” and then we are going against it.

So we don’t have the peace that passes all understanding. We don’t have the courage and confidence to forge ahead in the purposes that God has given us because we are fighting a battle at the very very core of our lives and our hearts.

It’s my prayer that God would help us to hear His voice to walk in sync with Him in step with the Holy Spirit and thus be able to enjoy a full life, full of God’s favor and blessings, and above all that freedom and liberty in our hearts that puts a leap in our step, a joy and spring in our steps, and help us to really really fly and soar in the areas in which God would like us to thrive.

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