Valentine’s For The Girls…Coming Soon!

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Valentine’s For The Girls…Coming Soon!

February 12, 2020 Uncategorized 0

We’ll be having a special valentine’s movie for the girls, coupled with a book launch. We’ll give each of them a rose flower, share popcorn, watch a movie and launch the book P’s for Tweens: All About Periods and Puberty for Pre-Teen Girls. We shall give each girl a book and donate some to the children’s home library.

The book goes for Ksh. 300. We’ll be donating 50 books. Your contribution is welcome, for books, rose flowers and popcorns. The Amazing Girl Mentorship Network Till Number is 755655. God bless you as you give!

The book will be available for sale after the launch.

About The Book
This book teaches girls about growing up, knowing what will happen to them and preparing themselves for it. It also gives them tips and advice about their bodies, and on how to relate with boys.
It is a great, amazing, non-conforming, bold, beautiful, informative, insightful, easy-to-read, and resourceful book that answers many questions that girls shy off from asking and that most parents would most likely prefer not to discuss.

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