Things Families Can Do During This Home-Stay Period

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Things Families Can Do During This Home-Stay Period

March 23, 2020 Uncategorized 0

My family came up with this list… and we’re already enjoying it. Have fun while at it too.?

  1. Arts and Crafts: Build and make stuff together with your children. You can make paper items, fabric items, bead items and other creative things.
  2. Agriculture: Play around with various soil types, even plant something!
  3. Clean up your house! You can do this a room a day, or a section at a time. After all, now you have the opportunity!
  4. Sit on the floor: See the world from your kids’ level. Lie on the carpet. Roll on the floor. Do what they do. You’ll be amazed at what perspective that brings!
  5. Play hands-on games: Checkers, chess, cards, Scrabble…
  6. Run around with your kids. Dance. Run after each other. Play hide and seek. Be a child together with them. That energy release will help in bonding.
  7. Switch off all technology and talk. Think about when there are blackouts and how things change. Do that, create candlelit dinners. Just switch off, look at each other and talk.
  8. Pray. Teach your kids how to make prayer lists and present them to God. Help them to get to know God.
  9. Find out about your kids’ friends, how their day goes, etc. Same as your spouse, and those you live with. Get to really know each other. Catch up.
  10. Learn in fun ways: Bake something special, make a pie, try a new recipe. Have fun while you learn!
  11. Watch family-friendly movies, value-based movies that need no censoring. Pass on great, godly, positive values.
  12. Learn how to make hair… Or how to shave it. You have room to make mistakes and still learn.
  13. Declutter!! Time is what lacks, right? Now you have it. A section at a time…
  14. Have family time for talking and bonding, as decided by the family member of the day. Let one child, for example, choose the bonding activity, and have everyone go along with it enthusiastically.
  15. Cook a mixture of stuff. Get creative with leftovers. Try and make something new from what’s there.
  16. Laundry: Iron…and store up clothes when already ironed. Also, catch up on sewing ripped clothes. Working with your hands has some therapeutic effects, you know?
  17. Build on a hidden talent or practise a rare hobby. Play that guitar. Learn that foreign language. Sing and record yourself on your phone.
    Make sure to enjoy yourself, learn something, bind with your family and with God.
    If you’d like to add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments!

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