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March 26, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Whoa. This season. This when you get to truly discover why you don’t get around to doing some stuff. Maybe you need to ask yourself certain tough questions.

  1. What’s been pending?
  2. Now that I have the time, have I began to do it?
  3. If yes, great.
  4. If no, why not?
  5. Is it that I really didn’t want to so it in the first place?
  6. Am I lacking the tools?
  7. Am I lacking the drive/strong reason/motivation?
  8. Was there a wrong motive? E.g. external pressure, etc
  9. And now that there seems to be so much time on my hands, what really would I like to do?
  10. Am I able to relieve myself of this preconceived responsibility, set my self free and set sail towards new and truly fulfilling goals and causes?
  11. Who do I need to think about? Whose opinion is bothering me? Who do I feel I need to please, either for approval or acceptance?
  12. What if that person doesn’t accept me even after I do this thing? Will it all have been in vain?
    You may need to set some time apart to ask yourself these and more questions when you set aside some time to meditate and think about what’s on your plate. Them come up with your own new list of things to do, for your own good reasons. And abandon the rest. Every day is a new day to start afresh, to start over. You can choose how that will go, or external circumstances can choose it for you. I’d prefer the former.
    I wish you success as you consider this. I’m speaking to the choir too, so I’m praying the best for myself too. May God help us.
  13. P/s: If you like to think through things from every angle, I can help you with asking endless questions to really probe the issues. I enjoy that part very much as a Life Coach. Certified, by the way.

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