Mentoring Through Technology: The Power Of Smart-Phones

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Mentoring Through Technology: The Power Of Smart-Phones

May 26, 2020 Mentoring Tips 2

Mentoring Through Technology: The Power Of Smart-Phones

By Anngladys Gichuhi


Mentoring is the passing of information from a more experienced person to a less experienced person. The mentoring relationship can be short term or long term and you can cover one area or many areas. The mentoring can be from an older person to a younger person or even from my younger person to an older person when the younger person is more experienced in the area of mentoring.

Reflection: In what areas do I have experiences that I can share with others?


In this day and age technology can be a great tool that can facilitate mentoring in a great way. It can make the mentoring process more efficient such as saving time and resources involved e.g. costs of travelling, food etc; and increasing convenience through remote access.

Reflection: In what ways has technology saved me time in the past?


The goal of this article is to shed light on some of the ways in which the smart-phone can be used to facilitate mentoring and make it more efficient.

Reflection: How have I used my smart-phone in mentoring so far?


Smart-phones can be used to text during mentoring. Depending on the nature of mentoring, text messaging can come in handy. Mentors and mentees can communicate through my text messages. Mentees can ask questions and mentors can respond.

If their mentor would like to send certain messages at certain times, then the mentor can use texting apps to schedule those messages. Some mobile applications can also be used to message many people using the bulk messaging feature.

In a group mentoring case, everyone can be privy to everyone’s response. Responses in one-on-one cases can be seen by the mentor alone. This can be enabled in the settings.

Some messaging apps allow the creation of groups and broadcasts. In a group setting all the members can see what everyone is posting and they can have a discussion there. When it comes to broadcasts, mentors can send messages to hundreds of people at a time and each person will receive messages individually. Conversation can then continue in a one-on-one manner in the individual inboxes.

Reflection: How can I maximize text messaging for mentoring?

Reflection: Who can I begin to mentor through text messaging?


There are various video calling apps that can be used to communicate with mentees. These allow for better interactions because it is possible for the parties to see each other’s reactions and also have discussions much closer to real time conversations. These applications are available for free and can be easily downloaded and activated on their smart-phones.

Videos can also be created and shared on social media and the links sent to mentees these videos do not have to be made public. They can contain private links and be sent to only the intended users. Examples Skype, zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo.

Reflection: In what way have I benefited through videos?

Reflection: Who can I mentor through videos?


Mentors can also record messages in audio format e.g.through pod-casts or voice notes and use them to address mentees’ questions and concerns. This can be shared using the internet and they can also be uploaded on online platforms so that they can be available even later.

Making and posting pod-casts means that these answers can always be available in mentors don’t have to create fresh content every time for repeated questions. The same applies for videos.

Reflection: What audio messages have impacted me in the past?

Reflection: What questions or concerns can I begin to address through audio?


There are several design apps that can be used to design and share images in the form of flyers, posters, etc. These can be used to share messages creatively and efficiently. This would make the mentoring process even more interesting and make some of the messages easier to understand.

Reflection: How effectively have images communicated to me in comparison to text messges?

Reflection: What short, brief messages can I begin to share in a well-designed manner?


You can read and listen to many books using various applications to develop yourself in your areas of interest, you can do so when involved in mindless tasks (tasks that do not require your full attention or concentration such as housework, traveling, etc.

Reflection: During which activities can I listen to some personal development material?

Reflection: When can I create some time to read some personal development material?


With this knowledge, it is clear that mentors can use their smart-phones to reach out to their mentees and that mentoring can take place in spite of the meeting challenges that may exist. I would encourage all mentors to take advantage of these tools and more to mentor their mentees. I would also encourage mentees to make the most of these apps and get as much info as they can from their mentors. It is not a master meet physically in order to benefit from a mentoring relationship. Take advantage of technology!

Reflection: Make a list of at least 5 people that you can begin to mentor through your smart-phone.

Reflection: Make a list of at least 5 messages that you can begin to share using your smart-phone.

Reflection: Make a list of at least 5 apps that you will download and begin to use for mentoring.

BIBLE VERSES – Biblical Basis of Mentoring

1 Peter 410

And everyone should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others.

2 Timothy 2:2

And what you’ve heard from me before many witnesses and trust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

1 Corinthians 9:22

 I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

Seize the day!



You can use the inbuilt messaging app to send individual and bulk messages.

You can use Textra to schedule messages.

WhatsApp can allow you to create groups and broadcasts with as many as 256 members in each.

Telegram  can allow you to add as many users as you want, and new users can see older messages that were posted before they joined the group. This way, there’s no need to re-post information when new members come on board.

For videos you can use YouTube, and your foreign camera for audio, you can use WhatsApp and anchor for design you can use WhatsApp for video calls you can use Skype, Zoom, dual meet and for audio calls you can use,


You can use applications to transcribe what you’d like to see, and then correct errors and send out the messages.

My favorite one is Live Transcribe.


I like using AnyBooks to get access to many books.

I use @TTS Audio to listen to PDF books.


Craft engaging value field information.

Keep it short and simple

Be available to answer questions.

Remember, it’s not about the application, it’s about the message that goes out.

Focus on doing it, not doing it in a grand manner.

Don’t be overwhelmed and try to do many things at once.

Just start with the best one for your current situation/mentees.

PS: Here’s a fun way to mentor someone.

Confidence Building Puzzles: Word Searches and Word Scrambles to Boost Your Confidence

This book has many empowering and encouraging words and hidden in word-searches and word-scrambles. As you look for each word, the word is embedded in your mind over and over again. Hopefully, this will fill your mind with positive words about yourself and about all that you can be. Solutions are provided at the end of the book.


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