Hello my dear friends.


We’re planning to visit the girls who stay at the Kenya Children Centres Home in Ngoingwa, Thika.


We have visited that home a couple of times. Back in 2009 when my first book came out (Becoming an Amazing Girl), a dear lady bought books for everyone there. In 2016, when the same book was revised and a new edition came out, another blessed lady bought books for everyone there. This year, the book From a Raw Mess to a Princess has come out, and it is my prayer that we can find some other kind people to buy some books for those girls, so that each one can have her own personal copy, and know just how special she is.


In addition to giving the books, we usually have some time to share God’s word and talk one on one with the girls. Last year, we had special cards which we gave to each girl, and one of our mentors took up a few of them to be following them up closely. We also buy them sanitary towels, tissue paper and foodstuff.


This year, we plan to take it a notch higher, and go beyond the basics. In addition to books, sanitary towels, tissue paper, special cards and foodstuff, we’d like to give them a special cutex party – just like I throw at my house for other girls.


In collaboration with Uzuri Institute of Professional Studies, we’ll have the beauty students come and have a special time with the girls, painting their nails with sparkly glitter cutex, before they break for the holidays. You know how cute that is for the girls??! I still love glitter at my age. The girls will remain with the cutex, remover and cotton wool to continue taking care of their nails. It’s our special Christmas gift to them, beyond the basics; just like other kids get gifts beyond just the basics on special occasions.


So, this is my invitation to you, dear friend. Please come on board, donate and join us. You can donate in cash or in kind, and you can also accompany us on that day – Saturday, 3rd November 2018. We’ll be going there from 2pm to 5pm together with Life Issues Ministry, Women’s View and the very kind Uzuri Institute of Professional Studies.


For more information or if you have any queries, please call +254723285236. To donate, please Mpesa to the Till Number 755655 (Amazing Girl Mentorship Network).


God bless you as you plan to join us!



Anngladys Gichuhi,

Founder- Amazing Girl Mentorship Network.