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Losing Jason

There is no chapter of this book that I have written without tears streaming down my face. Writing it has been a difficult journey. That difficulty has made it even more clear that I ought to write it…for the grieving mum. So that she won’t have to mourn alone, cry alone, worry alone or be alone. As I let you in on my journey after loss, I pray that God will heal your hurt, give you comfort and peace and give you the grace and strength to make it through life one more day.

50 Devotions for Mums

This is a candid presentation of my daily life, and the insights I draw from the activities of my life. It is like sharing my journal, with the ups and downs, my rights and wrongs, believing, hoping and praying that you will be both inspired and blessed. This book is available as a mobile application on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Becoming an Amazing Girl

The two most common traits that pull girls down are low self-esteem and lack of self-appreciation. These two issues, along with others will be brought out in this book. Girls will be able to, after reading this book, discover their true self-worth, the wealth of potential that they have, realize how amazing they are, and be able to exert themselves in the world knowing that they do have a lot to offer.

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